TotemoTech - 2023-04-13


Hello and welcome to TotemoTech on April 13th. Today we have a variety of tech news stories from Japan.

First up, we have news about Stable Diffusion, the popular image generation AI. The Japanese representative of the company, Jerry Chi, was interviewed about the business model and usage of the AI in various companies.

Next, Microsoft has developed a new tool called “DeepSpeed-Chat” that can generate models like ChatGPT at a speed 15 times faster than existing technology. It can train models with over 100 billion parameters on a single GPU.

In space news, the “Amabie” spacecraft has returned to earth after a nine-month journey, and it has turned yellow due to exposure to cosmic and ultraviolet radiation.

For new employees struggling with formal Japanese, a new website called “3-second Keigo” has been launched. It can convert casual language to business language using AI.

In entertainment news, Toei Animation has released a making-of video for the new movie “Shin Kamen Rider” and has promised to release more in the future.

In a more serious news story, North Korea launched a missile that caused air raid warnings in Hokkaido. The government issued a warning and later corrected the information using the M-Net system.

Ricoh Imaging has announced a new digital SLR camera called Pentax K3 MkIII Monochrome, which is specifically designed for taking monochrome photos.

Adobe Acrobat and Reader have been found to have vulnerabilities that can execute arbitrary code, and users are advised to update to the latest version.

Finally, KDDI has announced the release of merchandise featuring the Povo 2.0 character, including keychains and plushies.

And that’s all for today’s news on TotemoTech.

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