TotemoTech - 2023-04-14


Welcome to Totemo Tech on April 14th. Let’s start with news about BPSP, a corporate cashless payment system that allows companies to pay invoices using credit cards. As individual cashless payments continue to grow, corporate cashless payments are becoming increasingly popular. BPSP is a system that allows for “invoice payment agency services” using a mechanism called BPSP, making it easier for companies to pay each other using credit cards. What are the benefits of this system?

Next, virtual YouTuber (VTuber) group “Aogiri High School” has suspended indefinitely one of its members, Ontama Konko, due to discriminatory remarks made during a live stream. ViviON, the company that produces the group, announced the suspension.

Moving on to entertainment news, the best-selling novel series “Harry Potter” is set to return as an original drama on MAX, with author J.K. Rowling serving as executive producer.

The official website for the “2025 Osaka-Kansai Expo Japan Pavilion” has opened, with a scrolling feature that follows the theme of “circulation.” The online shop sold out of its “Myakumyaku-sama” goods on the first day.

Google has announced the opening of its first data center in Japan, located in Inzai City, Chiba Prefecture.

While credit card use in e-commerce has increased, so has credit card fraud. 3D Secure (3-DS) has been implemented as a solution, but only half of e-commerce shops have adopted it. Why are some e-commerce shops hesitant to adopt it?

According to a survey by OpenWork, which operates a job search platform that includes employee reviews, the most viewed job listing by IT engineers with work experience was for Amazon Japan, followed by second place.

Dwango has started distributing the BGM used in the Nintendo 3DS version of “Niconico” for free, saying that they wanted to give users a “memorable reminder” of the service.

Finally, we spoke with Jerry Chi, the representative of the Japanese subsidiary of Stable Diffusion, the AI image generation system that has been the talk of the town. We asked about the system’s business model, how it is being used by companies, and the response from creators.

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