TotemoTech - 2023-04-17


Welcome to Totemo Tech on April 17, 2023. Let’s start with the news that 80% of companies in Japan cannot escape from using Excel for data collection, even though they feel the limitations of the software. This is due to the excessive collection of marketing data, according to a recent survey. In other news, half of Japanese consumers plan to purchase an electric vehicle within the next three years. We also have news on priority business risks, the 2023 security market forecast for Japan and the world, and data on the awareness of EVs among automotive industry executives and consumers.

Moving on, Japan Oracle held its annual event and invited Toyota, Itohki, and the Digital Agency to participate in a discussion on how to achieve business results in a rapidly changing world. The theme of the conference was “Oracle CloudWorld Tour Tokyo,” and the event was held in person.

In another news story, Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced the launch of “Bedrock,” a cloud service that specializes in generating AI on AWS. Along with Bedrock, AWS also introduced Amazon Titan, a large-scale language model, and EC2 Trn1n and EC2 Inf2, cloud platforms specializing in machine learning. Amazon also released the coding assistant, Amazon CodeWhisperer, which uses generated AI.

Furthermore, Server Works, an AWS cloud integrator, announced a strategic partnership with Amazon Web Services Japan. The partnership aims to create new business worth 29 billion yen over four years. The CEO of Server Works, Ryo Oishi, explained the details of the partnership, the business overview, and the background leading up to the partnership.

In other news, Google has opened a data center in Inzai City, Chiba Prefecture. Meanwhile,’s Ibisa Ohtani shares his thoughts on industry trends, interesting topics, IT industry culture, and behind-the-scenes stories from press conferences and interviews.

Lastly, NTT Smart Connect has developed a cloud service called “wakucone” to solve various work-related issues, such as work style reform, DX promotion, RPA, and telework. The article covers the service overview, case studies, and development stories. That’s it for today’s news on Totemo Tech.

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