TotemoTech - 2023-04-21


Welcome to TotemoTech on April 21st. Let’s start with some space news. Yesterday, SpaceX conducted a test flight of its largest rocket, the Starship. However, the rocket failed to separate from the booster and had to be destroyed mid-flight.

Moving on to consumer electronics, Panasonic has announced that some of its clothes dryers sold since 2003 may pose a fire hazard. The company is offering to pay owners between 10,000 to 20,000 yen to take back the affected products or replace them for free.

In other news, Square, the company behind the popular payment service, has launched a new feature that turns Android phones into credit card payment terminals. The service is currently available in several countries, including the US and the UK, but not yet in Japan.

As we experience an unseasonably warm April, some may be wondering when it’s appropriate to start using air conditioning. To prevent heatstroke, the Japan Meteorological Agency has provided guidelines on the proper use of air conditioning during hot weather.

In the world of business, Infomart, a B2B platform that digitizes business transactions, has become increasingly popular during the pandemic. However, timing is crucial when introducing this system, as companies may already have other systems in place. Infomart has found success in the food industry and is meeting the growing demand for digitalization among businesses.

Finally, Flamers, a company that specializes in VR services, has launched a new dating app called Memoria that allows users to interact with others through avatars in a virtual space. The service costs 3,900 yen per month for men and is free for women.

And that’s it for today’s news roundup on TotemoTech. Oh, and before we go, let’s not forget the results of a recent survey of popular companies among science and engineering students graduating in 2024. Sega and Sky made the top ten, but which company took the number one spot?

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