TotemoTech - 2023-05-04


Hello and welcome to TotemoTech on May 4th, 2023. Today we have a variety of news stories to cover.

First up, the movie “The Super Mario Brothers Movie” has been released in Japan and manga artist Sadataro highly recommends it. He enjoyed the movie and thinks that nitpicking the details would be a waste of time.

Next, for photography enthusiasts who already have a standard zoom lens, what should they consider purchasing next? According to a recent article, a prime lens is the way to go. The article tested six different prime lenses for street photography and found them to be the most enjoyable to use.

Are you tired of being glued to your phone or computer screen all day? Some people have come up with creative ways to take a break from digital devices, such as using a “paper smartphone” or hiding their phone in an envelope. These ideas and more are discussed in detail in a recent article.

Audio equipment manufacturer Audio-Technica has announced a price increase for 71 of its products, ranging from a 2% to 63% increase. The new prices will take effect on May 16th.

In other news, job search website MyNavi has announced that personal information for 1210 seminar attendees may have been leaked over the past three years through search engines.

Adachi Ward has reported two cases of personal information leakage through their convenience store copy service that uses My Number cards. However, the cause of the issue is unrelated to the system itself.

On the tech gadget front, Dyson has announced that its cordless hair iron, the Dyson Corrale, now has an “airplane mode” and can be brought on flights. The company has provided instructions on how to activate the mode for travelers.

Lastly, Doshisha has released a new fan that doubles as a circulator, with the ability to reach up to 20 meters away thanks to its partnership with Nakashima Propeller, a company known for its ship propellers. And that’s all for today’s news. Thanks for listening to TotemoTech.

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