TotemoTech - 2023-07-09


Hello and welcome to today’s news from TotemoTech on July 9th, 2023. In today’s news, the Privacy Commission is considering administrative actions against Fujitsu Japan, four local governments, health insurance associations with incorrect data linkage, and the National Tax Agency. This comes in response to a series of incidents involving incorrect personal information linkage in various businesses using the My Number card. The aim is to ensure proper data protection and address the issue.

In other news, Honda and SCSK have announced a partnership to enhance their competitiveness in software-defined vehicles (SDV) or software-defined mobility (SDM). By combining Honda’s expertise in system control and safety with SCSK’s IT technology, they aim to develop the next generation of SDVs.

Moving on, BizReach, a job search service, has developed a new feature that automatically generates resumes. This function, available on the BizReach website, has been shown to increase the number of job offers received by 40% in testing.

In automotive news, Daihatsu has announced the gradual resumption of production at its four domestic factories. This comes after a period of parts shortage caused by a fire at one of their suppliers. With the procurement of the necessary parts now secured, production will resume.

Oracle, the American software company, plans to incorporate nine AI-powered features into its human capital management SaaS, Oracle Fusion Cloud Human Capital Management, by the end of 2023. These features will support tasks such as creating job postings and summarizing performance evaluations.

In the field of battery technology, researchers from Tokyo Institute of Technology and the University of Tokyo have developed a high-conductivity solid electrolyte material for lithium-ion batteries. Published in the academic journal Science, their research shows that the conductivity of the new material is approximately 2.7 times higher than the previous record.

NTN has released the ‘i-WRIST Starter Package,’ a bundled set of the i-WRIST wrist joint module and its peripheral components. This package is designed to assist first-time users in utilizing the module, reducing the time and effort required for design and operational verification of prototype machines.

Lastly, Nikkei CrossTech recently held an online seminar titled ‘How will ChatGPT transform our work?’ In this seminar, Nikkei CrossTech Deputy Editor-in-Chief Atsushi Nakata provides a thorough explanation of the specific changes expected with the advent of ChatGPT.

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