TotemoTech - 2023-07-24


Hello and welcome to today’s news from TotemoTech on July 24th, 2023. In today’s news, we have some exciting updates from the world of gaming and video editing.

First up, Pokémon fans will be thrilled to hear that a new game device called ‘Pokemon GO Plus+’ was released by Pokémon Company on the 14th of July. This device allows players to enhance their Pokémon GO experience by providing useful features. However, there have been some concerns raised about the lack of warranty and the brightness of the LED display. Despite these issues, many players are finding the auto-catch feature to be extremely convenient.

Moving on to another gaming news, the creators of the popular game series ‘Danganronpa’ have released two new games on June 30th. These mystery adventure games have garnered a lot of attention and have been praised for their captivating storytelling and engaging gameplay. Fans of the series are eagerly diving into these new titles and enjoying the thrill of solving complex mysteries.

In the world of video editing, Blackmagic Design has officially launched DaVinci Resolve 18.5. This software update brings a host of new features, including the ability to edit videos using text and automatic transcription. The company had previously released a beta version in April and gathered feedback from users to improve the final release. DaVinci Resolve 18.5 is available for purchase at a price of 42,980 yen, but a free version with limited features is also available for those who want to try it out.

Shifting gears back to Pokémon news, a new event called ‘Fukano Day’ will be taking place in Pokémon GO on the 22nd of July. During this event, the Pokémon ‘Riolu’ will have an increased chance of hatching from 2km eggs. Additionally, players may even encounter shiny variants of Riolu, adding an extra level of excitement to the event.

In other news, Sanco released a new product called the ‘Cooling Footrest Hiety’ on the 21st of July. Priced at 8,480 yen, this footrest provides a refreshing cooling sensation to the soles of your feet, similar to dipping them in a bucket of cold water. With the summer heat in full swing, this product offers a unique way to beat the heat and stay comfortable.

Moving on, Skapar JSAT, a satellite broadcasting company, recently experienced a security breach. It is suspected that an attacker impersonated an employee of one of the company’s subsidiaries to gain unauthorized access to internal servers. As a result, personal information of employees and business partners may have been compromised. Skapar JSAT has issued an apology and is taking steps to strengthen their security measures.

Lastly, Yamato Holdings, a major delivery service in Japan, announced that there have been delays in package deliveries in certain parts of Tokyo and Chiba. The delays were caused by equipment malfunctions at a sorting facility located in Ota-ku, Tokyo. The company is working to resolve the issue and minimize any inconvenience caused to customers.

That wraps up today’s news from TotemoTech. Stay tuned for more updates on the latest tech and gaming developments. Thank you for listening! And that’s all for today’s news. Thanks for listening to TotemoTech.

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