TotemoTech - 2023-07-29


Hello and welcome to today’s news from TotemoTech on July 29th, 2023. KDDI, also known as au, has announced a decrease in profits for the period from April to June 2023. The company reported a 1.4% decrease in revenue, totaling 1.3325 trillion yen, and a 10.3% decrease in operating profit, totaling 266.6 billion yen. This decrease in profits is attributed to a decrease in roaming income due to a reversal in ARPU.

NEC Platforms has announced that its biodegradable material, NeCycle, has been adopted by fishing tackle manufacturer Yamaria. NeCycle has been used in a portion of Yamaria’s fishing lures, providing an environmentally friendly option for anglers.

Panasonic Holdings and Panasonic R&D Company of America have developed a technology called FlowEneDet to improve the reliability of image recognition AI models. This technology helps prevent image misrecognition, avoiding instances of AI pretending to know something it doesn’t.

Nissan’s Yokohama factory is undergoing a significant transformation from an engine production base to a strategic hub for electrification. The factory, which has produced numerous engines for Nissan, reached a milestone of 40 million engines produced in June 2023. With the increasing trend towards electrification, the Yokohama factory is adapting its role to support the shift.

NTN has launched a service that analyzes and reports the diagnostic results of its portable abnormality detection device for bearings. By detecting abnormalities in bearings from equipment vibrations, this service aims to improve maintenance reliability, reduce workload, and ensure stable operation.

Seven automotive manufacturers, including GM, Stellantis, Honda, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Hyundai Motor, and Kia Motors, have announced the establishment of a joint venture company to build a high-power charging network in North America. This collaboration aims to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles by expanding the charging infrastructure.

JDK 21, set to be released in the fall of 2023, will introduce a feature that simplifies Java programming. This update aims to make Java code more concise and user-friendly, providing an enhanced programming experience for developers. And that’s all for today’s news. Thanks for listening to TotemoTech.

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