TotemoTech - 2023-08-07


Hello and welcome to today’s news from TotemoTech on August 7th, 2023. Today, we have two interesting news stories to discuss.

First, let’s talk about the audio performance of the Tesla Model 3. An audio engineer recently evaluated the audio system of the Model 3 and shared their findings. They examined the audio quality, including the use of high-resolution audio sources, and provided insights from a music creator’s perspective. Additionally, they conducted frequency measurements inside the Model 3 using recording equipment. Stay tuned for the results of their experiments.

Next, we shift our focus to the successful adaptation of manga into live-action films. The third installment of the ‘Kingdom’ series, based on the popular manga, ‘Kingdom,’ has been released and is receiving positive reviews. While manga adaptations often face criticism, the ‘Kingdom’ series has managed to overcome these challenges and achieve success. A manga artist will provide further insights into the factors that contribute to a successful manga adaptation.

Moving on, let’s talk about the rising popularity of ‘adult’ nagashi soumen machines. Nagashi soumen, a traditional Japanese summer dish, has gained popularity as a home appliance. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic restricting outdoor activities, the sales of nagashi soumen machines have increased in recent years. Among the various options available, Doshisha, a company specializing in nagashi soumen machines, has developed a series targeting adults. We interviewed Mr. Hiroshi Kawade, who is responsible for the development of these machines, to learn more about the concept behind the adult-oriented products.

In political news, Prime Minister Fumio Kishida recently held a press conference to address concerns regarding the ‘My Number Health Insurance Card’ system. The Prime Minister aimed to alleviate anxieties and promote understanding of the digitalization of administrative services. In the conference, he shared his thoughts on the ‘My Number Health Insurance Card’ and the government’s efforts towards digitalization. We have the full transcript of the conference available for those interested.

Shifting gears to the field of artificial intelligence, OpenAI faced a slight delay in the development of its ‘general-purpose AI.’ The delay was caused by a certain game that captivated the CEO of OpenAI, Sam Altman. We’ll dive deeper into the details of this intriguing delay.

Lastly, SoftBank has announced the launch of its fully-owned subsidiary, ‘SB Intuitions,’ focused on the development of generative AI. The company aims to advance research and development in the field of AI. We’ll keep an eye on the activities of SB Intuitions and provide updates on their progress.

That’s it for today’s news. Thank you for tuning in to TotemoTech. Stay curious and stay tech-savvy! And that’s all for today’s news. Thanks for listening to TotemoTech.

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