TotemoTech - 2023-09-07


Hello and welcome to today’s news from TotemoTech on September 7th, 2023. In today’s news, we have two significant stories to cover. First, Asahi Shimbun, a leading Japanese newspaper, has experienced a data breach. The personal information of 884 subscribers of Asahi Shimbun’s digital version and paper viewer has been leaked to external sources. As a response, the company plans to individually visit and apologize to the affected customers starting from September 7th.

Moving on to our second story, Adobe has released the latest version of their web app, Adobe Express, also known as ‘Adobe for Everyone.’ This new version introduces a unique AI called Adobe Firefly, which is being promoted as an ‘AI-first all-in-one content creation app.’ With the beta version now available, users, including professionals, can explore the possibilities of integrating AI into their creative workflows.

Next, let’s talk about a confusing incident that unfolded on social media. The official Instagram account of a male reality TV show participant in the United States posted news of his death, causing some media outlets to report on the tragic event. However, the following day, the man himself declared, ‘I am alive,’ leading to great confusion. It is suspected that his account might have been hacked, resulting in the dissemination of false information.

Shifting gears, researchers at Tsuda University in Japan have proposed an interesting concept. They have developed a system called ‘Pachipachi Drop’ that automatically administers eye drops while users watch videos on their smartphones. This innovative solution aims to address the common issue of dry eyes caused by extended screen time. By integrating the automatic eye drop dispenser with the smartphone, users can effectively moisturize their eyes without interrupting their viewing experience.

In the field of artificial intelligence, Meta AI, a company based in the United States, has made significant progress. Their researchers have presented a model called ‘Nougat’ that can extract text and equations from PDF documents, including scanned images of old books. This breakthrough opens up possibilities for efficient digitization and analysis of academic papers, saving researchers valuable time.

Now, let’s turn our attention to the latest release from GoPro. The company has unveiled the GoPro HERO12 Black, a new model of their popular action camera. This upgraded version maintains the performance of its predecessor while doubling the battery life, allowing users to capture even more of their adventures. Additionally, the GoPro HERO12 Black introduces a unique feature that enables users to use AirPods or other Bluetooth earphones as external microphones, enhancing the audio recording capabilities of the camera.

Lastly, a recent survey conducted by NTT Docomo’s Mobile Society Research Institute reveals an alarming trend among young people. More than 60% of individuals aged 10 to 20 engage in ‘smartphone walking,’ commonly known as ‘walking while using their smartphones.’ This behavior poses risks, particularly in urban areas with heavy traffic. The study highlights the need for increased awareness and safety measures to address this concerning issue.

That concludes today’s news from TotemoTech. Thank you for tuning in, and we’ll be back tomorrow with more exciting stories from the world of technology. And that’s all for today’s news. Thanks for listening to TotemoTech.

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