TotemoTech - 2023-09-27


Hello and welcome to today’s news from TotemoTech on September 27th, 2023. In today’s news, VTuber Pekora has reached a settlement in a defamation case regarding her merchandise. The company responsible for producing the goods, Ikurie, announced that they have reached an agreement with individuals who posted slanderous remarks on social media about the products. While legal actions were initially considered, the involvement of the targeted individuals and their guardians in offering apologies led to the settlement.

Moving on, let’s discuss the evolving world of action cameras. With the recent release of GoPro’s Hero12 model in September and the introduction of new models from various companies, it’s worth analyzing the trends in action camera technology. The history of action cameras over the past few years provides valuable context for understanding the current market.

Next, Fuji Television has announced a collaboration with the Chinese anime platform, bilibili. Starting in October, they will establish a new anime broadcast slot called ‘B8station’ during late-night hours. This slot will feature Japanese dubbed versions of anime produced and distributed by bilibili.

Shifting gears, convenience store chain FamilyMart plans to install smart lockers called ‘FamiLocker’ in 650 of their stores across Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama, and Chiba starting in October. These lockers will enable customers to send and receive packages without the need for assistance from store staff.

In other news, Yahoo! Japan is facing scrutiny from the Japan Fair Trade Commission regarding its potential dominant position in news distribution. The commission has pointed out the possibility of Yahoo! Japan having a dominant position over media outlets that provide articles for Yahoo! News. Yahoo! Japan has responded by announcing that they will review their contracts with news sources.

Furthermore, NTT Docomo has successfully regained control of the domain ‘,’ which was previously listed for sale on ‘’ The domain was associated with NTT Docomo’s wallet service, ‘Docomo Kōza,’ which ended in 2021. NTT Docomo attributed the incident to internal management oversights and clarified that they have reclaimed the domain, which is now under their control.

Lastly, Japan Airlines (JAL) will be holding a time-limited sale for domestic air tickets starting on September 28th. The sale will be divided into two phases and will be available exclusively on JAL’s official website. Passengers planning to travel in November and December can take advantage of this opportunity to secure discounted tickets, with flights from Haneda to Itami priced at 7,700 yen, among other offers.

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