TotemoTech - 2023-10-06


Hello and welcome to today’s news from TotemoTech on October 6th, 2023. In today’s news, Asahi Shimbun Publishing has announced the acquisition of Newton Press, the publisher of the science magazine ‘Newton,’ as its subsidiary. This move marks the completion of Newton’s business revival and paves the way for expanding its services.

Next, we have exciting news for gamers and tech enthusiasts. The online game ‘AWS Cloud Quest’ can now be played in Japanese, allowing players to learn about Amazon Web Services while having fun. This role-playing game set in a cloud environment offers a unique and engaging way to explore the world of AWS.

Moving on, JR West Japan Communications and JR West Japan Innovations have announced the upcoming release of a railway development game app called ‘SODATETSU.’ This winter, players will be able to enjoy managing and operating over 200 types of real-life train vehicles. Train enthusiasts and gamers alike will surely be thrilled with this new experience.

Next up, we have an intriguing story about a matching app called ‘Otakoi’ that has been making waves with its AI advertisements. The app features eye-catching ads with a photo of an overweight man and a woman. After the ads were launched, the app saw a significant increase in the number of female users, with a reported 3 to 7 times growth in new sign-ups. The unique approach of these AI ads seems to have struck a chord with potential users.

Shifting gears, Google has unveiled its latest smartwatch, the ‘Google Pixel Watch 2.’ This second-generation smartwatch boasts improvements in weight, battery life, and overall performance compared to its predecessor. With features like automatic workout detection, the Pixel Watch 2 aims to enhance the user experience. However, it comes with a price increase of 12,000 yen, starting at 51,800 yen for the Wi-Fi model and 59,800 yen for the LTE model.

In other news, SoftBank World 2023, an annual event, is currently taking place, and it has become the stage for the world’s first public exhibition of NVIDIA’s next-generation supercomputer chip, the ‘GH200 Grace Hopper.’ This powerful chip, developed in collaboration with Arm, promises to revolutionize the field of supercomputing with its advanced capabilities.

Lastly, NTT Data Advanced Technology has announced the start of a proof-of-concept experiment in collaboration with an Indian company to automate certain non-routine tasks using the language model ChatGPT. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, NTT Data aims to create an ‘intuitive partner’ that can assist with various business processes.

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