TotemoTech - 2023-12-02


Hello and welcome to today’s news from TotemoTech on December 2nd, 2023. In today’s news, Valve has made it easier for users of Meta’s Quest series Head-Mounted Display (HMD) to play SteamVR games. They have released the ‘Steam Link’ app for free, allowing players to enjoy SteamVR games on the HMD without the need for Oculus apps.

Moving on to our next story, the recent nationwide banking network outage in Japan was caused by a ‘specification oversight.’ The Japan Bankers Association and NTT Data have announced the cause of the outage and measures to prevent its recurrence.

Now, let’s talk about Google. Starting from December 1st, Google has begun deleting dormant accounts that have been inactive for more than two years. These accounts will be deemed invalid and subject to deletion.

In other news, the Defense Equipment Agency has released a video showcasing the research achievements of their electromagnetic railgun. The video demonstrates the railgun’s ability to penetrate multiple steel plates.

Shifting gears, Rakuten Securities has announced that they will eliminate transaction fees for USD/JPY currency exchange in real-time foreign exchange trading, starting from the 4th of December.

Lastly, the COV-Navi project, a group of volunteer experts dedicated to providing accurate information about the COVID-19 vaccine, has concluded its activities on November 30th after achieving its objectives.

That’s it for the news today. Thank you for tuning in to TotemoTech. Stay tuned for more tech updates. Visit for the news, yen exchange rates, and a daily Japanese proverb.

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