TotemoTech - 2024-01-04


Hello and welcome to today’s news from TotemoTech on January 4th, 2024. In today’s news, Amazon Japan is holding a New Year’s sale called ‘Amazon Hatsubai’ from January 3rd to January 7th. They have a wide range of products on sale, and they even have ‘fukubukuro’ or lucky bags available.

Moving on to our next story, a Tokyo-based space venture called Axelspace has released satellite images of the areas affected by the earthquake in Ishikawa Prefecture’s Wajima City, Nanao City, Toyama Prefecture’s Toyama City, Tonami City, Takaoka City, and Himi City. The images are being made available for free to the government and media organizations.

In related news, the Geospatial Information Authority of Japan announced that they have analyzed the observation data from the JAXA satellite ‘Daichi-2’ and found that there was a maximum ground displacement of up to 3 meters in the western part of Wajima City due to the earthquake on January 1st.

Moving on to our next story, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism has implemented a ‘no-fly zone’ for drones throughout the entire Noto Peninsula. This is to ensure that the operation of manned helicopters, such as search and rescue activities, is not hindered.

In other news, Rakuten Mobile has announced support measures in response to the earthquake disaster in Noto Peninsula. They are waiving the reissuance fee for SIM cards, relaxing various application procedures, and extending the payment deadline.

Similarly, SoftBank is also providing support measures in response to the earthquake. They are offering discounts and deadline extensions for smartphone, fixed-line, and electricity bills.

KDDI has also announced support measures for the earthquake disaster. They are providing support for communication fees, data recovery services for PCs and smartphones, and rental of mobile phones.

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