TotemoTech - 2024-01-11


Hello and welcome to today’s news from TotemoTech on January 11th, 2024. In today’s news, the popular drawing app ‘IbisPaint’ announced the removal of a new feature that used AI-generated illustrations, just one day after its release. The company, Ibis, made this decision in response to user feedback. Moving on to our next story, a man claiming to be affiliated with the ‘Koshin-kyo’ religious group has been arrested for allegedly gaining unauthorized access to servers and obtaining personal information. The suspect, Shota Okuma, a resident of Soka City, Saitama Prefecture, has been arrested by the Kyoto Prefectural Police. He has admitted to the charges. Now, let’s turn to the topic of AI in literature. The magazine ‘Kodomo no Kagaku’ has featured a special on AI-generated content in its February 2024 issue. The magazine collaborated with Kamome Ashizawa, a recipient of the ‘Hoshi Shinichi Award’ for her AI-assisted novel writing. Next, we have news from the world of mobile payments. Cosmo Oil will be fully supporting QR code payment services, such as ‘dPAY,’ ‘Rakuten Pay,’ and ‘PayPay,’ at all of its 2,000 gas stations nationwide. This move aims to provide customers with more convenient payment options. In a different development, Zacti has announced that it will provide its wearable live camera, ‘Xacti LIVE,’ free of charge to areas affected by the Noto Peninsula earthquake. This technology allows real-time sharing of remote video footage and will be made available to local governments, businesses, and medical institutions. Shifting gears to photography, Nikon is developing a camera with a provenance function designed to verify the authenticity of news photographs. The company will be conducting practical tests of this feature in collaboration with AFP News Agency. And finally, NHK has announced a new television drama called ‘VR Uncle’s First Love,’ which will begin airing in April. The show follows the story of a middle-aged single man who falls in love with a beautiful avatar while spending time in a virtual reality world. The drama, starring actor Toru Nomaguchi, explores the concept of love in the digital age. That’s all for today’s news. Thank you for listening to TotemoTech. Stay tuned for more updates on the latest tech trends and news. Visit for the news, yen exchange rates, and a daily Japanese proverb.

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