TotemoTech - 2024-03-07


Hello and welcome to today’s news from TotemoTech on March 7th, 2024. In today’s news, a cool dog house equipped with air conditioning is being tested at the Gotemba Premium Outlet mall in Japan. Asahi Kasei Homes will conduct a trial of their ‘WanPod’ dog house starting from March 20th. The dog house features a cooling function and can be controlled using a smartphone app.

Moving on to our next story, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has made an announcement regarding cloud migration. AWS will now provide free data transfer to customers who are migrating to other cloud platforms. This move aims to simplify the migration process and reduce costs for users.

Now let’s discuss a new cloud feature added to DaVinci Resolve. Blackmagic Design has introduced ‘Blackmagic Cloud’ in version 18 of DaVinci Resolve. However, due to limited access in Japan, the cloud feature has not been widely utilized. Let’s explore the potential of Blackmagic Cloud and its benefits for collaborative work.

Shifting our focus to the digitalization of the Japanese parliament, the ruling Liberal Democratic Party and the Japanese Communist Party have expressed opposition to the use of tablet devices in the parliamentary sessions. They argue that bringing tablets into the chambers would be a breach of decorum. However, both parties have agreed to the digitalization of petition documents and committee reports, which is estimated to save approximately 12 million yen in printing costs annually.

In other news, the sale of a net-exclusive lottery called ‘Quick One’ has been halted due to a configuration error. The National Autonomous Lottery Administration Council announced the suspension of the 84th Quick One lottery after it was discovered that Mizuho Bank, the entrusted operator, had mistakenly registered the number of winning tickets for each prize category.

Lastly, the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan has made a surprising move by releasing a tabletop role-playing game (TRPG) called ‘Sandcastle TRPG’ in Japanese. This original TRPG is available for free on their official website and includes rulebooks, character sheets, and paper craft designs for tokens and dice. The National Astronomical Observatory emphasizes that the game was created from a gamer’s perspective rather than solely for educational purposes.

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