TotemoTech - 2024-03-14


Hello and welcome to today’s news from TotemoTech on March 14th, 2024. In today’s news, researchers at Kanazawa University have developed a custom 3D keyboard system that allows users to freely arrange each key switch in a three-dimensional layout. This innovative keyboard design offers a new level of customization and ergonomic comfort.

Moving on to our next story, a group of researchers from Google DeepMind and other organizations have published a study proposing an attack on OpenAI’s Language Learning Model (LLM). The attack involves stealing parts of the model, which is known for being a black box. This research sheds light on the potential vulnerabilities of closed-source language models and raises concerns about the security of sensitive information.

Next up, we turn to the recent explosion of the Cairo Rocket. Despite suffering a setback, Space One remains undeterred in their mission. While the mission did not reach Step 2, President Masakazu Toyota refrained from using the word ‘failure’ during the press conference. Space One’s determination to continue pursuing their goals demonstrates their resilience and commitment to space exploration.

Shifting gears, the Japan Record Association has announced the winners of the 38th Japan Gold Disc Awards. In the International Artist of the Year category, the legendary band ‘The Beatles’ received the prestigious award. This recognition highlights their enduring influence and contributions to the music industry.

In other news, SoftBank has announced that it will continue providing 3G services in Ishikawa Prefecture until the end of July, while services in other regions will end as scheduled on April 15th. This decision aims to accommodate the specific needs of customers in Ishikawa Prefecture.

On a concerning note, Ryukyu Bank has apologized for the loss of approximately 4,000 customer records. The data deletion was a result of an error made by their contracted maintenance provider, Core Mobile, based in Tokyo’s Taito Ward. Ryukyu Bank is taking steps to address the situation and ensure the security of customer information.

Lastly, Hakuhodo DY Holdings’ subsidiary, Hakuhodo Technologies, has developed a Japanese-language specialized visual language pre-training model (VLP) called ‘Japanese CLIP ViT-H/14.’ This model has been made available for free on Hugging Face, a popular platform for sharing AI models. The release of this model aims to facilitate advancements in Japanese-language processing and foster collaboration within the AI community.

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