TotemoTech - 2024-03-15


Hello and welcome to today’s news from TotemoTech on March 15th, 2024. In today’s news, the National Consumer Affairs Center of Japan has issued a warning regarding online shopping troubles. Many consumers have reported mistakenly subscribing to regular purchase plans instead of ordering trial products after seeing advertisements on social media. The center advises caution when making online purchases to avoid unexpected subscription fees.

In a rather unprecedented incident, the official website of the popular VTuber unit ‘HIMEHINA’ experienced a maintenance failure during a scheduled renewal. LaRa, the management company of HIMEHINA, made an announcement on March 14th, stating that the maintenance attempt was unsuccessful. The incident has drawn attention due to its unusual nature.

Moving on to the tech industry, Yumemi, a Japanese IT startup, has introduced a new service to assist other startups facing a shortage of engineers. The service called ‘Product Wall Banging’ provides a platform for startups to seek help with development challenges. Yumemi aims to support companies that are struggling to recruit enough engineering talent to keep up with their business growth.

In an effort to protect the privacy of its employees, a local government in Chiba Prefecture has decided to change the way their staff’s name tags are displayed. Instead of showing their full names, only the last names will be printed on the name tags. This decision comes after concerns were raised about personal information being used for harassment on social media. The Chiba Prefectural Government also plans to review the use of full names and make the necessary changes promptly.

In software news, CELSYS has released version 3.0.0 of their popular illustration software, ‘CLIP STUDIO PAINT’ (known as ‘CLIP STUDIO’ or ‘CLIP STUDIO PAINT’ in Japan). The new version, named ‘CLIP STUDIO 3.0’, introduces several new features, including ‘Layer Camp’ for managing differences between versions.

Turning to entertainment, the TBS anime series ‘Yuki Bakuhatsu Burn Burn’ has been generating a lot of buzz and excitement on social media. The show, which airs on Thursday nights at 11:56 PM, tells the story of a protagonist and their robot fighting against invaders from space in a futuristic setting. Despite the conventional storyline, viewers have been expressing their enthusiasm and describing the show as ‘creepy’ in a positive way.

Lastly, a former member of the Japanese House of Councillors, Gashi (real name Yoshikazu Higashitani), who gained fame as a ‘revelation-style YouTuber’ with over 1 million subscribers, has been found guilty of criminal activities. Gashi was sentenced on March 14th with a suspended sentence for using video streaming platforms to disclose personal information about celebrities and profiting from the resulting revenue, which exceeded 100 million yen.

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