TotemoTech - 2024-03-25


Hello and welcome to today’s news from TotemoTech on March 25th, 2024. In today’s news, it has been revealed that documents submitted to the Japanese government’s task force for reviewing regulations on renewable energy contained tampering by a Chinese company. The task force, led by the Cabinet Office, aims to promote the adoption of renewable energy in Japan and had submitted these documents as part of their efforts. However, it was discovered that certain sections of the documents had been altered by a Chinese company. Former Minister of Defense Taro Kono criticized the task force for its lack of proper oversight, stating that this incident highlights the deficiencies in the check and verification system.

Moving on to entertainment news, the film ‘Strange House’ has garnered mixed reviews since its release on the 15th. Over the weekend, the movie attracted an audience of 344,000 people and earned 474 million yen in box office revenue, indicating a promising start. However, opinions on social media have been divided. Some viewers have praised the movie, while others have expressed their dissatisfaction. The film, based on a popular mystery novel, has sparked discussions among manga enthusiasts, with the author providing his own analysis of the reasons behind the polarizing reception.

Next, let’s talk about an innovative product that won the Best of Innovation award at CES 2024. The ‘WILLCOOK HO-ON’ is a portable microwave bag that can heat up food, just like a microwave oven. This revolutionary bag has gained attention for its convenience and unique design. It allows users to enjoy hot meals on the go without the need for a traditional microwave. The development process of the HO-ON bag is also intriguing, adding to its appeal.

Shifting gears to the world of work, as telecommuting has become more prevalent in the IT industry, the diversity of work environments and the choices of devices and furniture have expanded. In this series, we explore the desk environments of people working in the IT sector. This time, we focus on PFU, the company behind popular products such as HHKB and ScanSnap. The article showcases the desk setups of PFU employees, highlighting the tools and equipment they use to enhance their productivity and comfort while working remotely or in the office.

In gaming news, fans of the indie game ‘8th Exit’ will be pleased to know that details about the sequel will be revealed later this month. The developers plan to unveil the sequel’s specifics on the Steam store page. ‘8th Exit’ gained popularity for its atmospheric storytelling and unique gameplay mechanics, and fans have been eagerly anticipating the continuation of the series. While the release date is still unknown, this announcement has generated excitement among gaming enthusiasts.

Lastly, automotive giant Toyota has announced its plans to establish a new headquarters at the west exit of Shinagawa Station in Tokyo by the fiscal year 2029. The company has acquired the land previously owned by Keikyu Corporation, the operator of Shinagawa Station, to create a new office base. This move reflects Toyota’s commitment to mobility innovation, as the new headquarters will allow for the demonstration and testing of various mobility solutions within the office premises. It is expected to become a hub for research and development in the automotive industry.

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