TotemoTech - 2024-04-11


Hello and welcome to today’s news from TotemoTech on April 11th, 2024. In today’s news, Tokyo Tower Foot Town amusement facility is set to introduce a new attraction called ‘RFIGHT Robot Fight’ on April 24th. This exciting attraction will feature battles between robots equipped with ‘enhanced exoskeletons’ and even special finishing moves. Visitors can look forward to a thrilling experience at RED゜TOKYO TOWER.

In other news, the voice talent agency Style Cube has issued a warning regarding social media posts. The agency has noticed an increase in false claims and malicious comments about their talent circulating on SNS and the internet. They have hinted at the possibility of taking legal action to address this issue.

Moving on, Adobe has announced the release of a new variable font called ‘Hyakusenchou’ (百千鳥), which aims to recreate the retro feel of compressed fonts. This Japanese font allows users to adjust the weight and vertical/horizontal proportions to their liking. The release date will be announced separately.

Panasonic has expanded its sales of refurbished products with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. The company now offers refurbished electronics, including digital cameras and Blu-ray recorders, in ten different categories. Customers can enjoy the benefits of affordable and reliable refurbished items.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications in Japan is organizing a free online course on data science for beginners. The course, titled ‘Introduction to Data Science for Professionals,’ is open to anyone interested in learning about statistics and data analysis. Experts in the field will serve as instructors, and there are no prerequisites for enrollment. Take advantage of this opportunity to enhance your data science skills.

Cygames, the developer of the popular game ‘Granblue Fantasy,’ has released a document detailing the process of refactoring the game’s system. The document, titled ‘How We Rebuilt Over a Million Lines of Code in Granblue Fantasy,’ provides insights into the reconstruction efforts carried out by a dedicated team of six individuals. It offers valuable knowledge for developers interested in similar projects.

Lastly, the effectiveness of one-second videos on X (formerly known as Twitter) has been examined. ITmedia NEWS conducted a verification test using an account with over 340,000 followers to determine if one-second videos truly improve impression numbers. The results shed light on the impact of these short videos on user engagement.

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