TotemoTech - 2024-05-21


Hello and welcome to today’s news from TotemoTech on May 21st, 2024. In today’s news, Sanco has released a wearable cooler called the ‘Ruck Spacer’ that can be attached to backpacks. The ‘Ruck Spacer’ features a Peltier element and a fan to prevent sweating on the back.

Moving on to our next story, a blue meteor illuminated the sky in northwest Portugal on May 18th. The European Space Agency (ESA) shared the mesmerizing sight on their official Twitter account, @esaoperations.

Shifting gears, an 80-year-old woman residing in Tokyo’s Toshima Ward fell victim to an investment scam on social media. The woman was approached by an individual claiming to be a famous journalist who convinced her to invest 20 million yen in a fictitious scheme. The Ikebukuro Police Station is treating this case as an ‘investment fraud using social media’ and is currently investigating.

In other news, a beauty salon-focused e-commerce site called ‘fofo’ experienced a security breach, potentially exposing the plaintext credit card information of 15,198 customers.

Moving on, Yamato Transport has issued a warning regarding fake emails and phone calls impersonating their company. To help customers identify these fraudulent emails, Yamato Transport has provided samples on their official website and advised against entering personal or credit card information.

Next up, starting from June 1st, the Shinagawa Ward will launch a cashless payment campaign that offers up to a 20% refund for payments made using cashless methods such as PayPay and d払い.

And finally, paiza, a job search support service for aspiring IT engineers, has announced the results of a survey on the most popular companies among 529 students aspiring to become IT engineers. Surprisingly, a domestic company surpassed Google to claim the second spot in the rankings. That’s all for today’s news. Thank you for tuning in to TotemoTech. Stay tuned for more tech updates. Visit for the news, yen exchange rates, and a daily Japanese proverb.

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